A life-phase oriented workplace and Heel Kids

A family-friendly workplace

Forward-thinking concepts

We are one of the first companies in Germany who pioneered the concept of a workplace adapted to meet employees’ needs, regardless of what phase of life they are in. Add to this innovative personnel policy our childcare services Heel Kids at our German headquarters, and you will understand why we are consistently rated one of Germany’s top employers.

Flexible working schedules

A cornerstone of our family-friendly approach are flexible working hours. At our German headquarters in Baden-Baden, our benefits include a wide variety of part-time working models. This allows our staff to adjust their working schedules to whatever phase of life they are in, whether they need to take care of children or elderly relatives, for example.

Childcare services Heel Kids at our German headquarters

For youngsters up to three years of age, our in-house daycare Heel Kids offers childcare by trained staff between the hours of 8am and 6pm. For older children, we collaborate with qualified childcare providers from outside the company to help parents find suitable childcare solutions. During the school holidays, children of our staff can participate in our vacation program. Depending on the financial situation of the parent/employee, we also subsidize childcare.

Emergency support for families

Children or elderly parents aren’t the only family members that need care. Spouses or employees themselves may become ill and require support. In cases like these, we work with trusted external partners to help provide whatever nursing or care solutions are needed to our staff in Germany.

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