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Natural drugs

Heel medicines are made up of several natural ingredients in high dilutions, which are selectively combined to address specific illnesses. These multi-component medicines have a multi-target effect: By acting on multiple levels in the organism, they activate the body’s own regulation processes and restore health.

Pioneering scientific research

Are these natural medicines effective? How do they work in the body? We are curious to find the answers to these questions - and many more. That is why Heel has become a pioneer in the field of scientific research into natural medicine. We use state-of-the-art research technologies and methods, and set standards in the field of clinical research in natural medicine.

Remarkable medicines, trusted worldwide

Their efficacy and safety is one of the things which makes our natural pharmaceuticals truly remarkable – and contributes to their ongoing global success story. Doctors and patients around the world have been putting their trust in Heel medicines for many years. Because they know that they can rely on high-quality natural medicines made in Germany by Heel.

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